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Get the Workers' Comp Monkey Off Your Back®
with ActuComp


As an Ohio Workers’ Comp TPA, we can:​

  • Show you how to fill out the coverage application to minimize your premiums

  • Guide you through your necessary decisions during the first 30 days

  • Give you personalized reminders of premium installments and other deadlines



  • Help your business be more profitable by strategically managing your workers’ compensation

  • Analyze and manage all claims to lower the impact on your premium rates

  • Provide personalized reminders of premium installments, true up, group rating, and other deadlines


As part of your due diligence team:​

  • Sellers, we help you manage your workers’ compensation to be an asset and not a liability

  • Buyers, we help you understand the claims and payroll history you will acquire if you buy all or part of a company

  • Buyers & sellers, we advise on the impact of the transaction to your existing company

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It can be a jungle out there...we can help

Expertise you can count on.

Bonnie Fraser, founded the company in 1991 and is a business owner who understands business owners like you. She will save you time and effort. As you know, Ohio workers’ compensation is a requirement and the BWC is a government agency that doesn’t understand business owners. She will explain your options to you in a way that will make sense. ​ As a result, Bonnie helps businesses be more profitable through strategic management of Ohio workers’ compensation.

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